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Opening Hours

Monday: 4pm - 9.30pm

Tuesday - Saturday: 11.30am - 9.30pm

Howards Delivery and Pick Up Service

We are offering a pick up service with slot times. The order and payment will be taken over the phone. You will be given an order number on the phone. When it is your time slot, please come to the door of the shop, tell us your name and order number and we will have the order ready for you to collect.

The delivery service will cost £2 to cover costs. The delivery service will be for the Benfleet area only at this time. The delivery will be contactless. The order and payment will be taken over the phone. Upon delivery the food will be put on the doorstep and then we will either knock and stand back or call you on the number provided to let you know the food is there to avoid contact. This is for the safety for everyone whilst observing social distancing.

Opening Times:
Monday - 4pm to 9.30pm
Tuesday-Saturday - 11.30am to 9.30pm

Phone Number: 01268 461353

The phone lines are sometimes busy because the card payments take a while to process. Please bear with us, we have someone on the phone from 10am onwards each day to answer your calls and book a pick up or delivery slot (which are limited) for that day.

Thank you for your support. Please take care and stay safe.

The Team at Howards.

Fish, Scampi
& Chips

We only use the highest quality fish,
lightly coated in our delicious batter

Skate Wing£8.00
Middle Skate£9.00
12 pieces of breaded wholetail scampi
Cod Roe£2.00
Fish Cake£2.00
Small skinless cod, lightly battered, with lettuce, a little tartare, served in a bun
Cod Bites(3)
Chip Butty£2.70

Pies, Sausages,
Nuggets & Side Orders

Steak & Kidney Pie£2.95
Mince & Onion Pie£2.95
Chicken & Mushroom Pie£2.95
Plain Sausage£2.00
Battered Sausage£2.00
Chicken Nuggets
100% Breast Meat
Roll & Butter75p
Onion Rings (8)£2.00
Curry Sauce£1.50
Mushy Peas£1.50
Pickled Onion55p
Vegetable Pancake Roll£2.10

Flame Grilled
Chicken & Ribs

Grilled Chicken-n-Bun
Flame grilled breast of chicken with lettuce, onion, mayo, served in a bun
Grilled Chicken-n-Bun Ringer
Flame-grilled breast of chicken with cheese, crispy bacon, lettuce, mayo and topped up with (3) battered onion rings, served in a bun
Half Chicken
Plain Grilled - BBQ Sauce - Peri Peri Sauce - Lemon & Herb

Our ribs are marinated in our delicious BBQ sauce

Whole Rack Ribs£9.00
Half Rack Ribs£5.10
Half rack of ribs and 1 piece southern fried chicken
Mega Combo
Whole rack of ribs and 2 piece southern fried chicken
Flame Combo
Half rack of ribs and half chicken

Fried Chicken

All our SFC is freshly prepared on the premises,
coated in our special seasoned flour

1 Piece SFC only£2.05
2 Piece SFC
Served with a portion of small chips
3 Piece SFC
Served with a portion of small chips
8 Piece SFC
Served with two portions of large chips
SFC Chicken-n-Bun
Breast of chicken, coated in seasoned flour, lightly battered, with lettuce, mayo, served in a bun
SFC Chicken-n-Bun Ringer
Breast of chicken, coated in seasoned flour, lightly battered, cheese, crispy bacon,
lettuce, mayo, topped up with (3) onion rings, served in a bun
SFC Chicken Strips
Tender strips of chicken breast with a special crispy coating

Flame Grilled

All our Burgers are flamed-grilled,
served in a bun with onions and ketchup

Burger 6oz£3.60
Cheese Burger 6oz£3.80
Bacon Burger 6oz£3.90
Bacon Cheese Burger 6oz£4.10
Double-Decker Burger 12oz
2 x 6oz burger served with cheese and bacon
Burger Ringer
Burger, flamed-grilled, lettuce, cheese crispy bacon, ketchup, topped with (3) battered onion rings, served in a bun
Veggie Burger
A tasty veggie burger with lettuce, mayo served in a bun
Veggie Burger with Cheese£3.50
Veggie Burger with Cheese & (3) Onion Rings£3.90

Hot & Cold Drinks

Sauces Dip
Ketchup - Tartare - Mayo - Sweet Chilli - BBQ
Soft Drinks (Can)
Coke - Diet Coke - 7Up - Orange Tango - Apple Tango
Various flavours
Black Coffee£1.70
White Coffee£1.70
Decaf Coffee£1.80
Hot Chocolate£1.70

Lunch Meals

Our LUNCH SPECIALS are served from 11.30 pm to 4.00 pm
Choice of the following meals served with small chips.

Cod Meal£5.10
OAP Fish Meal£4.00
Plain Sausage Meal£3.60
Battered Sausage Meal£3.60
Saveloy Meal£3.60
Half Flame-Grilled Chicken Meal
Cooked to your choice of:
Plain Grilled - BBQ Sauce - Peri Peri Sauce - Lemon & Herb
Half Rack of Ribs Meal£5.80

Meal Boxes

Choice of the following meals, served with small chips and a drink

Fish Bites
2 pieces of skinless cod lightly battered
Chicken Strips
2 pieces of tender breast of chicken coated in our seasoned flour, lightly battered with a crisp coating
Chicken Nuggets (4)
100% Breast Meat
SFC Drumstick£4.05
Sausage (Plain)£4.05
Battered Sausage£4.05

32 High Road | Benfleet | Essex | SS7 5LH

Opening Times

Monday - Thursday
11.30 am - 2.00 pm & 4.00 pm - 9.30 pm

Friday & Saturday
11.30 am - 9.30 pm